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Whether you're a longtime investor looking for a rental or newly-wed looking for your forever home, the Washington Market moves quick. Here are some curated articles to help you stay ahead of the curve in your search!

For the average buyer or seller, closing can feel like a bit of a mystery...

Lenders look at the whole picture, including your credit score, debt to income ratio and down payment/savings amount.

Washington state offers different loan options and down payment assistance programs for Washington residents looking to buy a home

Professional photos and staging have been shown to help sell a home 30 times faster than similar competition, and sell for 20% more on average

If a Seller insists on taking their custom chandelier with them, the Buyer can stipulate that another chandelier must take its place
Just like in any other profession, there are good real estate agents ... and there are, unfortunately, subpar real estate agents, too
The most overwhelming part of deep-cleaning is undeniably the moment when you start to realize just how much there is to do
Buying a home can be an overwhelming process, and that goes double for anyone who’s embarking on homeownership for the very first time

Whether it’s excitement about getting into the next home, worrying about how much you’ll be able to make off of the sale, or nostalgia over leaving a home with many memories, selling your home can come with a lot of emotion

Buying a home is usually the most expensive purchase a person will make in their life. Because of this, and especially for first time home buyers, the process can seem daunting. The good news is, it doesn’t have to be!
Between apartment "pods," tiny homes, and even some mother-in-laws, the real estate industry in Seattle is taking the saying “less is more” to previously unknown levels

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